The inevitable first post

It’s not actually my first post. I’ve been blogging for years. But, due to a simple lapse in concentration, I am no longer on the .com version of my name.

For a while that version existed to sell real-estate, as my US-based name sake had, perfectly legitimately, acquired the site and was in the real-estate sales business.

One day, however, several years later, it became free again. Woohoo! Except, now there is a famous sports person with whom I share a name, and that means the domain sales process stepped in and upped the price of the .com domain in to the high thousands of dollars.

It has reduced to several hundred dollars, which assumes that the famous sports person with whom I share a name had also pretty much decided that several thousand dollars really wasn’t worth it either.

Well, screw that. I’m not playing. I’ll live with the version of my name, thanks.

It won’t be as widely read or indexed, but I doubt that I’ll lose sleep over that. Those who want to find me can, and those of who don’t care won’t miss anything. That works for all of us.

So, after a very brief rant about the domain name selling business, I guess that concluded my first post on this domain.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a lot more to share, and none of it will involve domain selling. Let’s speak again soon, ye’?